Jesus, let me chance to miss the devil
when he passes by. Make circumstance my ally against temptation.

Let my head be turned when evil appears.

Help me resist the bad opportunity which
is, "too good to be true."

Barricade my soul when Satan attempts
to tempt me with, "the chance of a lifetime."

Let my body interrupt me when temptation comes to mind, and let me be mentally occupied when the body is tempted.

Send me the intrusion of a friend
when loneliness breeds evil,
and the coincidence of a departure
when company might lead to temptation.

Make luck my ally, but when chance fails
and I am tempted to sin, give me, please,
heroic determination, stoic strength
of character, and the blessing of grace
to turn my head, to close my ears,
to barricade my mind, to approach or withdraw from my fellow humans, as may be necessary that I may find the safe and sure and holy way to You.

Let me seek good, rather than good fortune.

Patron Saint, fortify me!
Guardian Angel, protect me!
Sweet Jesus, save me!


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