You, Jesus, the Lord of Creation,
stood alone, mocked and suffering
in the courts of King Herod
and Pontius Pilate.

None spoke in Your defense.
None came to Your aid.
You, Master of all the world
were scorned, insulted, bloody
and abused.

Let my life and love
in some infinitesimal way atone
for the atrocities and wounds
You suffered for all our sins:
for the agonizing pain,
the gross indignities,
the outrageous mockery,
the heartless cruelty.

Tortured Jesus,
please forgive all mortals
for the crimes still committed daily
against You, and against
the least of Your children,
by the high and mighty,
and the arrogant and powerful,
the cowardly and viscous,
and the weak of will who know virtue
but give in to temptation.

I pray in Your Holy Name,
for all those who sin this day:
please pardon them.

Please forgive me, too, Lord,
for my own sins, and especially
for every injury I have ever inflicted
now regretted or long forgotten
on any person, intentionally,
or unintentionally,
purposefully or carelessly,
by my deed, my failure, my word,
my neglect or my unkind thought.

Please in Your Divine mercy
now give those I have injured
some radiant special blessing
of grace and happiness today,
be they now in this world or the next.

Let my days and disappointments atone
for these many grievous faults of mine
and also in some small way
for the insults, injustices,
crimes and sins committed by others
against the weakest
and most vulnerable
of your children and servants
here on earth.

Let me and all who read these words
know and remember always
that a Day of Reckoning
will surely come
when all our hidden sins
will be revealed and judged.

Punishments will certainly follow.

Forgive me Lord,
as You forgive all those
who have committed and will commit crimes against You, but who are sincerely penitent, for we truly
do not realize fully what we do.

Strengthen my resolution
to be a better person.

I place my faith, my trust, my love
in You, Who suffered for our sins, Crucified Jesus, Risen Lord,
Triumphant God Eternal.


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