God of All Life,

Perhaps the most challenging thing
about life
is dealing with death.

You bring beautiful people into my life, and then they are taken away.

You give me no more wonderful gift
than the people I meet, and the people
I have in my life, and then they are gone.

But I must not be selfish:
You take them back in Your good time,
and I will hope to meet them again
in eternity.

I was told by my Jesuit cousin at a wake for another cousin years ago,
"If we grieve too much, we grieve
not for the departed but for ourselves."

Yes, the departed have gone
to their reward. They are with You.
I should feel only joy for them,
and pray that they are safe in the security of Your Sacred Heart!

My part is not to wish them back,
but to hold tight to my memories,
and trust that I will see them again
in Your own good eternity.

Still the heart is lonely, Lord,
"Our hearts are restless
until they rest in You."
And then, all will be well.

This I believe, and I pray with confidence to You the Lord of Life and Death.
You give, and You take away.
Aid me to be ready when my time comes.
This I pray.


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