God of all material things, and God
of all good honest people, please smile down on Your servant, Nick Hanauer.

You are well aware that Mr. Hanauer
is a very, very wealthy man, who gave
a very, very controversial and unpopular speech at the annual gathering of the rich and powerful at the Davos Conference in 2012.

Mr. Hanauer's Speech Video

Mr. Hanauer said, “Rich businesspeople
like me don’t create jobs. Jobs are
a consequence of an ecosystemic feedback loop animated by middle-class consumers. When consumers thrive, businesses grow and hire, and owners profit. That’s why taxing the rich to pay for investments that benefit all
is a great deal for both the middle class
and the rich.”

His words were heretical anathema to his wealthy listeners, and he was quickly ostracized by his powerful peers.

But I believe he spoke truth to power, Lord. I believe he was right.

Please give him health, blessings,
and the courage to continue to speak out
to the wealthy and the world, and "those who have ears, let them hear."

He, himself, is a very rich man. Almost alone among his peers, he argues that not only
out of charity, but also for ultimate conservation of their own resources,
the very wealthy of the world need
to "give back," and share their good fortune
with their fellow mortals.

Please bless this man's wisdom, and help us all learn how best to conserve, and share, the goods You have given us in this world. Help us, Lord, to end class warfare.




Mr. Hanauer's Speech
Interview with Mr. Hanaeur

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