Dear God of All People and All Creation,

Please hear my special prayer
for Down Syndrome children and adults,
their families, caregivers, physicians
and teachers. I understand that
this condition is the most common single cause of human birth defects.

Please help all of us to aid in whatever way we can these individuals who may have delayed mental and social development, slow learning ability, impulsive behavior
and poor judgment.

But many become well-adjusted,
productive adults.

As children with Down syndrome grow
and become aware of their limitations,
they may naturally feel frustration
and anger.

Let me please respect and cherish them
as among your most loved people, and let me aid them in any way I can.

I pray that science will one day be able
to alter the chromosomal aberration
which causes this challenging condition.

All will be different with You
in the kingdom of heaven!




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