Friendly sunlight fades,
replaced by a darkening ember-glow.
A quiet tide of uncertain loneliness
and spiritual shadow washes silently, disquietingly over all.

If I am to be alone, God,
let me be alone, with You alone.

Darkness approaches, disrobing the still mysterious moon and its drifts of stars.

Hold me close, my Lord, as the sunlight
mainstay of my life dissolves into the past.

Stay with me as the dark relentless tide
of clocks and sunsets, aches and age-lines, regrets and old guilt rolls insistently in.

Keep me safe.
Brace my body.
Guide my feet.
Steady my gait.
Steel my steps.
Clear my vision.
Brighten my eyes.
Hold my soul fast.
Enlighten my mind.
Refresh my spirit.
Guard my thoughts.
Embolden my resolve.

Give me strength to make my way forward
through the gathering dark uncertainties.

Please, Lord, light flaming torches of faith
and confidence to brighten my road ahead!

Teach me Your love, which is all-consuming, all supportive, keeping, holding, calming, soothing, enlightening, bundling, brightening, inspiring hope and confidence.

Bathe me, drench me, please, in the flashing lights of Your cleansing mercy,
which is all-forgiving, reinvigorating,
all-releasing, reassuring.

Hold me. Guide me. Keep me going.
Lead me on a straight way toward salvation.

Please, God, show me Your shining pathway
across the hopes and starry voids,
through the uncertainties and comet-tails,
past burned-out stars and failed hopes,
far, far beyond the boundaries of the skies,

and at my voyage end, please embrace me
with Your forgiving, purifying boldest grace and infinite all-embracing hugging love.

Receive me back into Your creating Hand,
from whence I came. Forgive my vagrant, faithless wanderings in the rancid black forests of sin, and keep me now always
on the grace-strewn path to endless light.

Please. Please! God, Please!

Take me home.
Make me Yours.
Cleanse my soul.

Crown me in peace.

Enfold me into Your saving embrace.
Robe me now in gowns of purifying grace.
Keep me safe in Your everlasting love
and admit me at last
to Your heavenly kingdom, to dwell there
with You, forever and forever,
forever, and forever,
and forever, forever more!



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