Lord God Almighty,
Creator of Heaven and Earth,

You have given us the globe we live on
surrounded by an infinitude of meteors
and planets, all hurtling through space
at incomprehensible speeds.

The green earth is our world,
to live on,
to protect, to use or to abuse.

As time goes on, we become more sophisticated
in our understanding of the fragility
of the planet, and the nature and magnitude
of our mandate to use wisely this one good fertile earth, so that we, and our future generations, may not only survive,
but prosper.

I understand, God, that in the scientific literature, there is a strong consensus
that global surface temperatures
have indeed increased in recent decades,
and that the trend is caused mainly
by human-created emissions
of greenhouse gases.

No major scientific body of national
or international standing disagrees
with this view, although a few conservative organizations hold non-committal positions,
or deny that change is taking place.

Among publishing climate scientists
in the United States, I read that 97% agree
that global warming is indeed happening
and that it is primarily caused
by the activity of humans.

However, few, if any, large serious government programs have yet begun
to make substantial world-wide changes
in the way we deal with our resources,
our energy-producing activities
or our environment.

Please, God, let us come to world-wide agreement that pollution is real
and that we must take coordinated world-wide action to reduce it. Let us, dear God,
come together to understand sensibly
the nature and magnitude of the threat
we face, and to join with other nations
to begin making the changes necessary
to solve this challenge.

As You look down on the way we live
and the way we use the earth which You have given us, please provide us now the wisdom,
the resolve, the will and the means
to cooperate internationally in significant, sensible ways to address this menacing problem.

Let us move to regain and renew the earth
You have created, with clear skies,
abundant forests, arable land,
and clean water, a healthy, beautiful planet for those who live here now, and for the coming generations.

All this I earnestly pray to You in trust
and hope, and love, Lord and Creator of All, who gave us dominion over this one good green lovely earth.



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