As You, know Lord, the Jesuit Order encourages the practice of a quiet reflection at the end of each day,
with an examination of conscience.

One is urged to find a quiet private place
in which to conduct this peaceful exercise.

I make reference to the Examen here,
that I might practice it to some degree.

Let the cares of today slip slowly away
and plans for tomorrow be left to tomorrow.

I realize that I am in the presence
of You, God. Please let me feel You near me, and let me imagine that You greet me
by name, as You are here in front of me.
I know that with You I can be nothing
but honest, for You see clearly
into my deepest heart, more clearly even
than do I myself.

I want to recall with You the moments
of this day that stand out most strongly
in my memory. Let me think first of what
I received, and what I gave to others.

I thank You, Lord for favors you gave me today, and I thank You for Your ongoing gifts including faith, hope, generosity,
health, humor and happiness.

I thank You, too, for attributes
which support my life such as education,
a sense of balanced well-being,
my memory and my mind, my home
and my companion.

Holy Spirit, guide me to see the truth of my life accurately and honestly,
with its faults, its failures and its sinful blemishes. Let me also see and be thankful for successes and blessings, good surprises and good friends.

Help me to evaluate my life frankly,
and to face honestly my failures,
my shortcomings and my sins.
Help me through reflection and confession
to amend my life and to grow
ever closer to You.

Guide me as I review the events
of this day. Let me remember my hopes
and hesitations in all those I dealt with.

Was I attentive and helpful to others
when I should have been?

Was I silent or critical of others
when I should have been encouraging?

Did I interrupt and speak
when I should have been listening to others?

Was I casual and careless
when I should have been focused and careful?

Did I neglect anyone
to whom I should have given attention?

Was I thankful for gifts of all kinds,
large and small, tangible and intangible?

Did I keep You with me always
in my heart and in my mind?

Did I seek Your help and guidance
in the decisions I made?

You know the inmost secrets of my heart, God,
please forgive every misstep of mine
this day. Please absolve me from my sins,
my petty gossip, my pride, my failure
to see the needs of others and to help them.

Forgive me, please for selfishness, carelessness, self-centeredness,
all all Your deserved disappointments in me.

Please forgive my faults, even those
I have not acknowledged, am not aware of,
or have already forgotten.

I know that everything I do to others,
good, bad, negligent, indifferent,
I do also to You.

Forgive me for my sins of neglect
as well as sins of commission.
In shame I implore Your mercy.
In hope I implore Your assistance.
In confidence I implore Your love.

In the quiet, now, please let me hear
Your words of forgiveness and encouragement.

I know that You are with me now!
I am sorry, truly sorry for my sins, Jesus.

Accept my promise to begin again,
to, "Go and sin no more!"

Thank you for this day, good God!
Please accept my great thanks also
for Your guidance, Your graces,
and Your love, which makes all good.

Please stand behind me tomorrow,
and help me fulfill my potential
and my desire to make tomorrow
better than today.

Without You I am nothing.

With You I can conquer.
With You I can succeed.
I thank You for all the love
and compassion You have shown to me
this day, and every day of my life.



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