The pagan philosopher, Plato, said
"The unexamined life is not worth living."

In Your presence, God of all knowledge,
guide me to search the inner sanctum
of my mind. Let me face myself
in the mirror of truth. Let me examine my soul in the magnifying glass
of all-defenses-down pure honesty.

What friend have I forgotten
or neglected? Whom that I care for
have I injured or overlooked?
What opportunities for good
have I by-passed, and what sins
have I committed, in thought word
or deed?

Who in need have I not aided?
Who that is lonely have I neglected?
Who in anguish have I not comforted?
With what earthly possessions
have I been selfish?

Have I been deceitful?
Have I used my talents well?
Have I been deceitful?
Have I used my talents well?
Have I been the best that I can be?

Forgive me, Lord, for I have sinned.
Though my transgressions have been myriad as the sands of the Black Sea,
cleanse me in the waters of the Jordan and wash away every evil fault
and ugly sin.

Though my sins may have been myriad
as the sands, Dear God, let the waters of Your Divine Forgiveness wash my soul clean as heavenly crystal,
so that my life may be worth living
again as a tribute to Your Glory
and Your Mercy.

Please let me rise again
in raiments of light, robed in Hope, crowned in Faith and girded in the armor of Charity to ascend to You in heavenly companionship for all eternity.

Only in You, my Judge, my Love
and my Redeemer, is all this possible.
Let me be Yours!

Lift me up, Lord!







(c) 2011 Donn B. Murphy

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