God let me see YOU in the face of every person I encounter, without exception,
friend, acquaintance or stranger, and let me treat every stranger as a friend, worthy
of the greatest respect
and indeed, love.

Let me look into the eyes of those I meet
and see through masks of anxiety, anger, age, deformity, formality, shyness, frustration, disappointment, deception, and despair.

Help me to see the true individual person,
the immortal soul, the bright potential,
loving spirit, however masked,
behind each face, including that of the most ragged filthy beggar or nondescript stranger.

Let me never forget that the spark
of Your Divinity ignites every human soul, and animates every person's face
without exception.

Let me give undistracted attention,
and a sense of worth, to each person I meet any day in any circumstance and place.

Let me never deprive anyone, anywhere,
at any time, of his or her inborn,
deserved dignity as a child of God.

Keep me reminded that the face is a "window into the soul," and that within every person is an immortal spirit created by You, to live for all eternity.

May my every act and my every meeting
with another person, and my entire life, glorify You in all Your Goodness.

Let me never forget Your infinite Love
for me and all of Your people on earth.

Let me never forget Your promise
of the prospect of eternal life,
for which I earnestly pray and hope
for all of us on this mortal earth.



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