We are promised:
"Let your faith be like a shield
and you will be able to stop
all the flaming arrows of the Evil One."

Ephesians 6:19

Keep me reminded of this, promise, Oh, Lord.
Let me be always armored and shielded
against the alluring temptations of evil.

Make me a constant defender
of the Cross and the Faith.

Help me adhere to the crusader's code
of honor, marching under Your banner,
strengthening my faith, defending the weak and aiding those in need.

May my burning faith in You
be my steely gauntlets, and Your blessing
be the helmet on my head.

May Your grace be my impervious breastplate
And Your power be my valiant sword.

May Your promises be my rallying cries
And Your forgiveness be my final prize.

May Your Archangel Michael sustain me
in my ultimate battle
and Your Spirit support me
in a shining victory.

May my faith be the spectacles through which I see the world.

May Your heavenly host welcome me
to the antechamber of Your divine court,
hung round with shields and banners
of your holy saints, and then conduct me onward to Your throne, and to my everlasting reward in You, my Lord God, my one Hope,
my single Desire, my final Victory,
and my only Perfect Love.




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