God of Love, God of Beauty, God of Plenty,
We live in an abundant society - too much
of everything.

In a world where many "have-not's"
are starving, please grant to us
who have so much, the will-power to eat
only as much as we really need for good health.

There are among us undoubtedly some people
who are severely overweight through no fault of their own. But we cannot deny that many,
many, others are overweight from eating
too much of the wrong food. Let them not be ridiculed or whispered about or in any way shunned or made to feel bad about themselves.

But please give those who wish so much not
to be over-weight the strength at last
to gain control over their ravenous appetites, stick to their diets, and gain a new healthy, pleasing and permanent relationship between body and soul.

Send them courage, determination,
self-respect, and a spirit of adventure
in getting back to their former selves,
and getting to feel great about their bodies once again.

Inspire them to look into a mirror
and be able to make one more attempt -
and a successful one - to begin bringing
their appetites and their bodies
under control. Stay with them, God,
day after day after day as they make the many, many hard choices which they must make.

Let them perhaps be moved by the terrible plight of the many people throughout
the world who go to bed hungry night after night after night after night. Inspire dieters to offer up the effort of their own weight loss as a sacrificial prayer to bring good nutrition to all those who hunger.

Most of all God of Power and Might,
give these children of Yours renewed gifts
of perseverance and strength of will so that once they regain control over their appetites they may be able to hold them in check
for the rest of their lives
with no weakening, no incremental backsliding,
and no return to unhealthy gluttony.

All this I pray to You,
Good God of moderation and self-control.



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