God of Creation,

You formed our first forefather Adam
out of dust, and his helpmate, Eve,
from Adam's rib.

You set them in the Paradise of perfection, asking that they obey You
in only one particular:

Do not eat of the fruit from the Tree
of the knowledge of Good and Evil.

But they were curious, and they were weak, and they were disobedient to You,
their Creator and their God.

Tempted by the Serpent, Satan,
Eve ate of the forbidden fruit,
and gave to Adam, who also ate.

Their paradise was lost because they listened to the Tempter and could not obey
the one request that You made of them.

You sent them out from the Garden of Eden
to the challenges and temptations of the turbulent world in which we now live.

You set an angel with a flaming sword
at the Gate of Paradise, so that now
only those who earn admittance by obedience to Your laws will be admitted.

I, God, am the offspring of Adam and Eve,
tainted by their Original Sin,
doomed to live on the earth, and prevented from seeing Your face until my Judgment Day.

But I, too, have been disobedient to You
as Adam and Eve were. I too have given in
to the bright shining apples of temptation
and the whispering, flattering, blandishments
of the Serpent Satan, incarnation of evil.

I have sinned, willfully and repeatedly,
even though I had Your Holy Gospel,
and Your saintly teachers as guides,
and Your grace for the asking in a prayer.

Let me now be tempted no more by the evil apples and the poisonous whisperings
of the Great Deceiver, Satan.

Lord, I beg pardon for all my past sins,
which are as black as midnight,
and as foul as rotting offal to me now.

I beg You for Your guidance and graces
as I face future temptations of whatever kind in my everyday life.

Forgive me, my God, my Creator,
and make my soul pure again,
as white as the wool of the Lamb of God, shining like the sun, pleasing in Your sight, that I may be saved from eternal damnation and be brought at last in love to You
in the Garden of Your Heavenly Paradise.

All this I pray in the name of our Savior, Jesus, the New Adam, who died on the cross for our sins and for out eternal salvation.


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