God of chance, changes and consequences,
God Who knows the past, the present
and the future, I give my trust in all things to You.

I do not believe my future can be predicted by gypsy fortune-tellers with crystal balls nor do I trust the "power" of mediums, seers, Tarot cards, Ouija boards, or I-Ching.

I do not believe that the lines in my palm
or the bumps on my head describe the paths
of my destiny.

I do not believe that my future can be influenced by spells or charms, amulets,
or messages conveyed from the "great beyond" by spirits, or my ancestors, conjured up by self-made "spiritualists" at a table-rapping séance.

I renounce all these practices as fakes
and frauds or money-making tricks and schemes to con innocent and gullible individuals,
or at the least I recognize them as amusing parlor tricks and entertainments.

I well know that through free will I can change the course of my life enormously,
but I know, too, that the future
is ultimately in Your hands.

I commit in advance to whatever You may have in store for me: Not my will but Yours
be done, my Lord, my Creator, my God,
Who gave me life itself.

I trust that whatever fortune or misfortune
I shall encounter, You will be with me
to guide me, to encourage me, to support me and to sustain me to the end.

I cannot say that I am without fear
of what the future may hold, but I am determined that whatever is to come
will never be more than You and I together can deal with.

I will play with the hand I am dealt,
but I urge you to give me fortitude, wisdom, foresight and grace to face whatever I must endure.

I know that life has highs and lows,
great happiness, sad disappointments,
and surprising changes which no crystal ball
or medium-fortune-teller can predict.

Let me always remember however,
that You are here, You "have my back,"
You will never turn away, and You will never give me any challenge which I cannot meet
and triumph over with Your guidance and Your assistance.

I know that You are with me all the way, every hour and every minute to help me surmount whatever rough patches "fate"
may have in store.

I pray all this to You, my Creator,
my Sustainer, my loving God
and Guide Almighty.



(c) 2012/2013 - Donn B. Murphy
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