Lord God,

I pray for all who stand ready to serve,
and to save our lives, day and night,
in all weathers and in the most strenuous
and dangerous situations.

Please be with them when they stand guard, patrol, and negotiate traffic at high speeds, and when they operate at the side
of busy highways, in burning buildings,
and when they are under attack from violent, drugged or erratic individuals, prisoners, rioters and criminal gangs.

Please send Saint Michael, Archangel,
with bands of strong guarding angels
to protect our protectors who put their
own lives in jeopardy in order
to protect ours.

Please also send last-minute guilt and remorse
to thieves, murderers, drunks and other miscreants that they might, at the last minute, be deterred from wicked, injudicious, aberrant and unwise decisions.

I pray for the souls of all first-responders killed in the line of duty, and for all
the arsonists, drunken drivers, thieves, murderers and others who cause the deaths
of our dedicated public servants, who risk their lives daily that the rest of us
may remain safe.

All this I pray
in the name of Christ Redeemer,


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