Dear Lord, please hear a prayer
for my good friend.

Guide her closely on her path this day
and always. Steer her clear of pitfalls
and distractions.

Give her deserved self-confidence
and inspiring goals, hold her free
from depression and moody pessimism.

Give her health, confidence and grand energy
which makes her rise happily
with the sun each day.

Surround her with true, dependable, loyal, brave, warm and honest friends,
who by companionship, understanding, advice and example, will make her a better person each day.

Give her, please, satisfaction in the work of her life, and refreshment and joy
in her times of recreation.

Let her achieve goals,
triumph over dark difficulties,
and be warmly cherished by family, friends, and colleagues.

Hold her free from depression and moody pessimism. Lead her to laugh joyously
each day.

Prompt her to pray and share her concerns with You, for I know that with prayer,
all things will be possible for her.

Make her able, however, to accept Your will
in all things, no matter how bitter
and difficult.

Let her go to sleep this night
with a clear conscience,
a sense of accomplishment this day,
and a mind at peace.

Wake her tomorrow refreshed,
with a renewed sense of purpose,
a motivating optimism, great hope
and happiness.

Help her keep her eye on the goals
of goodness, charity and spiritual perfection.

Bring her at last to the shining avenues
of heaven nd into eternal joy,
and the companionship of the saints
in Your unending kingdom.

All this I pray in faith and hope
and trust and charity.




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