Dear Jesus,

I know that when You ascended into heaven
You left to the teachers in Your Church
the all-important mission of helping
to train the young people
whom You loved so much.

I know also that it isn't an easy job
to act as father and mother to so many children of so many different dispositions
during so many hours each day,
particularly at a time
when the evil influences of the world
are eating more and more
into the character of our youth.

In spite of those difficulties, however,
and my own personal weakness,
I realize that You have entrusted
these precious souls to my care
and in doing so, You have also placed
back of me the love
of Your understanding Heart
and the support of Your all-powerful Hands.

So continue to strengthen me, dear Jesus, where I am weak; encourage me where I am cowardly; and make fruitful those poor words and actions of mine in bringing
to the surface those wonderful qualities
which You have hidden in the souls
of even my least promising students.

Please consider the heartiness
of my intentions and keep ever in my heart
the realization that, however discouraging things may occasionally appear
to my human eyes, if I continue to keep faith and give my honest efforts to the training
of those young people whom You love,
those sometimes-hard-
to-manage students
will one day turn out to be the kind of men and women that You want them to be.

For that help I thank You, dear Jesus.
Please keep me always firm in my loyalty
to Your service.


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