Dear God of the Heavens and the Earth,

Our moon is no longer the distant mysterious planet that it once was, when Your Mother, Mary, was pictured standing on its crescent.

We have now walked on the moon,
and left our data-gathering equipment behind.

But still, shining in the dark sky,
the moon works its silvery magic on us.

And it can remind me of the Host,
the great gift You have given us
in Holy Communion, the Bread of Life,
Your Flesh to Eat, the Sacrament
of the Last Supper which renews us
with the Hope of Union with You,
the Faith in Your Saving message,
and the Charity which can lead us
to paradise.

When I look up into the night sky,
when the full moon shines brightly,
let me remember You
Who made stars and planets,
time and eternity,
heaven and earth,
Who made me,
You, Who come back to us in Holy Communion,
Our Lord, Our Love, Our Lamb of God,
Our Bread of Heaven, Our True Hope,
Our Resurrection on the last day.

Please keep me always close,
dear God of Stars and Moons,
of Planets and the Farthest Reaches of Space, dear God of all the Universe, right here, within my heart and soul.




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