Dear God,

Who rules the heavens and earth,
Whose guardian moon waxes and wanes, watching over us in our virtues and our follies, please, I pray, make me steadfast in my love for You and my belief in You.

In the changing of the seasons and the phases of the moon I see Your ever-present guiding hand, the passing of time, and the coming
of bright eternity.

Make me, please, God of Lights, constant
in my burning ardor for You, and thankful
for Your many gifts, among them life itself.

As I look out into the midnight sky, let me see in my mind's-eye beyond the stars
and past the the planets to the infinite world beyond, where I hope and pray to be united with You one night, for all time,
in Your heavenly palace far, far beyond
the trillion stars and the moons of Mars,
past the farthest galaxy, into infinity
and eternity.

All this I pray in radiant hope,
shining faith, and burning love,


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