Lord God of Revelation,

I know that there is a limit
to what I can know, and what I can understand, with regard to Your Infinite Mystery
and to limitless heaven and eternity.

I know, however, that through prayer
and contemplation, I can enter more deeply, and ever more fully, into union with You,
gaining a continuously increasing understanding of You and Your Gospel,
Your saints and the Kingdom of heaven.

My faith, which You gave to me voluntarily,
is the path to You.

Let me treasure this gift, which I received through no effort of my own.

Please let me never lose it.
Let me guard it always.

I know, Lord, that arrogance is surely
one of the enemies of faith.
Help me, please, to avoid arrogance.

I know that presumption and despair
are the book-ends on either side of faith:
Let me never presume, and never despair,
and let me always find consolation
in Your Holy Word, which has come down to us in the Bible.

All this I pray to You in confidence
and hope and love.


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