God, You were disappointed by Adam,
the first human You created.

We are all his descendants, carrying the mark of his weakness and the legacy
of his betrayal of Your trust.

But we are Your children, and have confidence in Your offer of salvation,
if we lead good and moral lives.

Please forgive Adam, and please, God, forgive
mr for all my own many failures and sins.

Forgive me for turning my back on You
and following the temptations of Satan.

Let me find always in You, and receive from You, the power to resist the fatal apples
of alluring sin which, confront us on this
our imperfect earth.

Please forgive Your first man Adam,
and forgive my own past evil
and moral failures, and give me the grace
to stand up and reject the evil serpent Satan, and the find in myself willpower
to "Go, now, and sin No more."


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