Dear God,

As you know, my long-time good friend Anne Ryan
has, for many years, had her "God Box".

When one of her seven children,
or their spouses or their many children,
or one of her great multitude of friends,
has an illness, or an upcoming job interview, or some other challenge or special prayer intention, Anne will jot a request to You
and put it in the Box.

Anne, who is "not the last to take up the new,"
no longer uses a physical box, as she once did, but now, instead, she records the requests
and her own intentions electronically
on her computer.

Please, dear God, favor all of Anne's requests,
and favor too, those requests which I put
on my own "God Box" list of prayer intentions here below.

Anne and I know that You may not answer every prayer, or at least not in just the way we wish for. But you are the Father Who knows
what is best for us in the long run much better
than we know ourselves, so we will gratefully accept your decisions.

All this I pray to You, dear God of Gifts,
and Graces, and answered prayers.




Dear God, All this I pray for my family:

+ For Jon - in his faith and good
in all things

+ For Kevin and Beth, great happiness

+ For EJ, easy breathing and health

+ For Debbie, that she may find happiness and good companionship

+ For all my nieces and nephews
and their children, good health
and much happiness

+ For the repose of the souls
of my parents, my brother Paul,
my sister Kathleen,
and all of my deceased relatives
and friends.

+ For the repose of the soul
of a great performer, Frank O'Brien

All this I pray for my living friends:

+ For Max Epstein, motivation and goals

+ For David Moser, that his new hearing aids will be a great success and open new opportunities and happiness for him

+ For Frank Dodds, that his heart problems will be happily resolved

+ For Peter Zarconi, the generous overseer of my means

+ For Frank Tobin, who assembled 200 people to celebrate my 80th birthday

+ For Alice Denney that her operation, with its artistic stitching gives her great improvement in quality of life

+ For Art Panousis, that his paralysis will fully relax

+ For Kristine Redko, that her film project may materialize in splendor

+ For Dee Sitnik's, that her chemo
will be successful

+ For Monica Lijewski, that her recovery will be blessed, and that her life can go on to new adventures and achievements

+ For Sister Diane Steele, SCL, continued confident and successful leadership of Saint Mary University

+ For the repose of the soul of Don Jalonek after his long suffering

+ For Doug Evans, after the sudden death
of his partner

+ For Vince Fuller, for a happy reunion with his son

+ For Todd Leavitt and Randy Gooch,
a change of heart

+ For a good home decision

+ For calm in the Arab world
and especially in long-troubled Afghanistan

+ For world peace

+ For the hungry in body and soul,
that they may be fed

+ For our President, and the health
of our government

+ For the Church, that it may act
with care and enlightened understanding

+ For my own faith, hope, charity, health, generosity, grace, tact, insight and wisdom

+ That my sins may be forgiven and that
I live a life of goodness

+ That I may die in peace, reconciled
to You, my God, My Creator, my Love



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