Dear Christ, my God,

Fred Phelps, pastor and founder of Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka Kansas, leads,
in Your Holy Name, a campaign of hate
against homosexuals, nuns and the US Military.

The Church consists mostly of members of his family, and their small children,
who carry posters and chant during
his staged demonstrations.

In addition to anti-gay protests at military funerals, the organization pickets celebrity funerals and other public events that are likely to attract media attention.

His mission, a scandal to Christianity,
is a sad example of the corrosive power
of self-righteous hate.

Apparently, Phelps and his relations constitute virtually the entire 40-member congregation.

Westboro Baptist is, then, a small family enterprise, but the antics of its fanatic leader, and his outrageous publicity seeking, garner headlines.

His children and church members at protests carry such signs as "Fag Priest," "Dyke Nuns," "Fag Lover Hilary," and "Your Pastor is a Whore."

Rather illogically, the church protested
in 2006 at a memorial for ten victims
of the Sago Mine disaster in Upshur, Virginia, claiming that the mining accident was God's revenge against America for its tolerance
of homosexuality.

Please protect the members of the Planting Peace organization, and the house which they bought and painted as a protest, across
the street from the Phelps' family enterprise.

Allowing Fred Phelps' hateful harangues against gays, the military, America,
and mankind in general is the price
we must pay for freedom of speech.

Help us, Lord, to accept all people
for who they are and what they are,
and leave judgment to You, their Maker,
their Creator, and their loving God.

Where there is hate, nothing good can grow.
Where there is love, all things are possible.

I pray for Pastor Phelps and his family,
especially the children, who, in their age
of innocence, seem to be learning to hate rather than to love.


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