God of Truth, please make my faith grow
ever stronger like the grain of wheat
which falls on fertile ground.

God of blades of grass, groves of bamboo, towering oaks and jungle depths not yet penetrated by man, please hear my prayer.

God of raindrops, rushing brooks, waterfalls,
floods, and tidal waves, please quench
my thirsts, physical, mental and spiritual,
and protect me from all harm.

God of fruits and grains, milk and honey,
please feed me with earthly bread
and heavenly manna.

God of sparks, volcanoes, earthquakes
and forest fires, please spare me
and purify me and temper me like fine steel.

God of breezes, winds, tornadoes, tsunamis and hurricanes, please hold me fast against all gusting gales, physical and moral.

God of truth, certainty, wisdom, goodness
and prophecies, please strengthen my belief.

God of revelation, gospels, and inspiration,
please guard my faith with angel sentinels and steel my will with hoops of grace.

God of compassion, understanding, sympathy and forgiveness, please pardon all of my sins
and purify my soul.

Please help me realize that when I pray spontaneously, without thought of gain
or reward, I can experience You.

Please turn me ever from evil to good.

Please open my ears to Your Gospel.
Please open my mind to Your messages.
Please lead me from darkness to light.
Please open my heart to Your good counsel.

Hear me, heal me, guide me, love me,
my only God, my only Hope, my true and only
Savior, Lord, Jesus, Christ, Almighty!



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