Dear Lord God,

King of my Life, Lord of Gifts and Glory,
Spirit of Wonder, and Majesty of Hope,
Jesus of Simplicity, and Obedient Son,
thank you for my birth and my being,
for thinking of me, creating me,
and bringing me healthy and well-formed
into this wondrous world.

I believe You must reserve a special place
in heaven for souls who lose their mortal lives while still in their mother's wombs
or who do not survive the earliest days
of infancy, before the age of reason.

I am confident that You will shelter these sinless innocents, who have not known You
in this life, and I am sure that You
hold them safe within Your Sacred Heart.

Thank You, too, for the healthy babies
who grow steadily into precious children, irrepressible teens, and admirable adults.

Thank You, God, for my life
and for me as well.

Thank You for my body, my fingers
and my feet, my arms, my legs, my senses,
my heart, my sense of touch,
my strength to stand and my ability to walk.

Thank You for my eyes which see the splendors of the sunrise and enable me to read books and know faces.

Thank You for my ears, and let me be always attentive to
Your messages. Thank You
for my ability to taste and to smell,
to think, to remember, and to feel emotions.

Please send Your richest graces upon those less fortunate than I, who face life impaired, misshapen, maimed,
or unable to move without assistance.

Please give steely fortitude to those who cannot see and to those who help them meet the dark challenges of their sightless lives.

Give them great confidence and energy
to navigate their way, and take all bitterness from their hearts.
Give them sacred inner vision
to brighten their outlook and sustain
their hopes, and let them, please, not fall,
physically, or into depression and anger.

Thank You for enabling me to hear
the voices of my family and my friends,
and for my ability to enjoy all the music
of the world, the cacophony of the city
and the crickets in the countryside,
the mew of kittens and the barking
of puppies, and the glory of great hymns
and thundering organs music.

Take bitterness away from all who cannot hear
and give them patient teachers,
and deliverance from all depression as they imagine birdsong and dogs barking,
playground laughter, symphonies and the soft splashing of spring rain.

Thank You, Holy Spirit for the quality
of my mind and the reach of my imagination,
for my education, my ability to think,
to understand argumentation, to imagine
the unseen, and to continue to learn.

Than you for Your Holy Scriptures,
and for all of the good and wonderful books
in the world.

Please give special courage and pleasures
to those whose intelligence is limited
and whose ability to comprehend
is incomplete.

Let simplicity and trust, good caretakers
and wise aides and teachers, bring them
great satisfaction and rich happiness.

Thank You for companionship and friends
who bring joy and support and love
into my life every day.

Please give courage to the lonely,
and confidence to those who do not have relatives and friends to offer daily love, and support. Make them Your special children and guard them from fear, loneliness,
despair and depression.

Thank You for giving me Your Gospel,
my faith, and the solace of Your constant,
radiant, supportive Presence in my life.

Please let Your Word be spread ever wider
to receptive listeners and new apostles.

Please open the minds of those who live
in doubt or under the tyranny of false creeds
or who have yet to believe
in the supernatural and the world to come.

Save them from arrogance and cold cynicism,
false sophistication, and bitter complication
in their lack of godly faith, humble hope
and, if needed, please give them
generous charity of spirit.

Open their hearts and the eyes of their minds
to the grandeur of Your glory,
the graciousness of Your gifts,
and the saving grace of Your tender Word.

Thank You, thank You, thank You,
God of Splendor, King of Innocence,
Lord of Love and Light, for Your
innumerable gifts to me.

Please give me wisdom to understand
Your will and to use the talents You have given me better and better, and ultimately
to the very best of my human ability.

Gird me Lord, in the glowing garment
of obedience, and the Lamb's wool cloak
of humility. Show me the bright map of faith
and give me the oaken staff of hope
for my life's journey.

Then, in my final hour on earth,
please send my Guardian, Your bright Angel,
with my Patron, Anthony, and a band of saints
and cherub harpists with an angel choir
to lead me on the radiant path of golden light, to the ivory portals of Your heavenly palaces, and then into the splendid shelter
of Your ever-saving Sacred Heart.

All this I pray to You my God in thanks
and trust, and fervent, burning love,
my precious Lord, my only true Hope,
and my eternal King,


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