Lord God Our Heavenly Father,

Help me to be Your loving, attentive
and dutiful child, eager to obey.
May I every day remember to speak
Your Holy Name with reverence,
and hold You close in my heart.

Let me seek always to know Your will
and to do Your will in all things,
to follow Your commands willingly,
and to be Your obedient servant
in the world.

Thank you for the abundant blessings
which You have given me all my life:
most especially my knowledge of You,
my faith in You, and my trust in You.

You have also given me security,
food, shelter, clothes, vibrant health,
sanity, clear sight and good hearing,
a sound body in a sound mind, education, intellectual curiosity, logic,
a good living, a free country,
loyal friends, faith, hope, and charity.

Please forgive all my sins
of commission and omission:
sins of neglect, anger, distraction, jealousy, thoughtlessness, carelessness,
and every evil thought, word and deed
unworthy of a son of God.

Let me have no hatred in my heart,
nor anger at any person anywhere
for any fault, real or imagined,
except for righteous anger when clear injustice or evil wickedness
and sinfulness exists.

But let me judge no other soul but mine,
for judgment belongs to Your alone.

You well know, Lord, that I am weak.
Guard me against the temptations
of the world, the flesh, and Satan.

All this I pray to You, Father,
in confidence and hope,
and in great appreciative love.



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