Dear God,

There is valuable folk wisdom in the proverbs passed down through time from mother
to child, from generation to generation.

The "little acorn" of a small, kind gesture
I make, or the single sincere compliment
I give, could give an emotional boost
and needed self-assurance to a friend,
acquaintance, or even a stranger,
and could perhaps prompt in turn another generous, genuine action, having
a significant lasting effect.

And so, from one selfless decision,
a whole chain of goodness could emerge.

Every act of my will has the power
to change my own life, and often to change the lives of others as well, in small, but perhaps substantial, ways.

Help me, God, to keep this always in mind.

Let me remember to attend to the little acorns in life, the details, the moments,
the impulses, the kindnesses, which build
the goodness of our world, and grow
the great towering-oak virtues
of our splendorous potential.


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