God of Creation,

In my mother's womb,
as my life started to form,
my tiny heart began to beat.

I do not know, dear Lord,
how many more times it will beat
throughout my lifetime.

The number is finite, diminishing,
and known only to You.

Let me value every beat,
and offer each one, one by one, by one,
back to You in thanks,
until the very last.

When my tired heart beats it's final beat,
and then falls quiet, I pray that I will be in the infinite silence of Your good grace, that I will not be in a state
of sin, and that my soul will not be dark
with offenses against Your goodness.

Rather, as my heart stills, I ask that
You will send ministering angels
to take my soul from my body,
and bring me, the real essence of me,
through the clouds, through earthly reality to You in infinite bliss.

I earnestly pray also, Forgiving God,
that all my ugly sins, cruel, covetous, sensual, selfish, sins of commission
and sins of omission, and there were many over the years, be erased, forgiven
and forgotten, for I do love You,
dear Jesus, and want so very much to be with You, and with my partner, my family
and my teachers, and all my friends
and colleagues, in Your heavenly kingdom
for days eternal without end.

Bless us all I pray in Your Holy Name,
my Savior, Sacred Heart of Jesus,
my one God Loving and Eternal.



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