Dear God,

Born blind and deaf, your servant Helen
lived a remarkable life.

Let me contemplate for a moment
what it must be like to discover
that you live in total silence
and total darkness...

Helen's achievements are breathtaking.
It is hardly possible to imagine that someone born totally blind and totally deaf
could learn so much about the world,
and live a life of such extraordinary sensitivity, authorship,
love and intellectual accomplishment.

From within her dark silence, Helen reached out and influenced the entire world.

When I seem momentarily confounded
by some small setback in life,
remind me, Lord, of your servant, Helen,
and the enormous challenges she overcame.

Bless her, and bless her lifelong companion and aide Annie Sullivan, who found a way
to trace on Helen's hand simple meanings,
and then, eventually, messages of the most complex nature.

Miss Sullivan was able to bring Miss Keller into a deep and influential contact
with the world. Both their lives serve
as inspiration to all of us.

Video of Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan - 1930

Please hold them both, Lord, in Your Heart!

May Helen Keller now be reveling
in the far-beyond-Technicolor rainbows
and vistas of Your heavenly kingdom,
with her great friend Annie Sullivan,
and all of Helen's family, many friends
and admirerers of her great spirit and signal accomplishments from around the world.

All this I pray to You dear God of Fire
and Light, and Sight, and All Wisdom
and Eternity.


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