Dear God of Mercy,

please save me from the fiery confines
of eternal damnation, and the ever-burning flames which never consume the bodies
and souls which they endlessly torture.

Spare me from the horrible Satanic monsters
envisioned by Hieronymous Bosch.




Save me from the caverns of endless dark,
and the ravaging jaws of demon-beasts.

Knowing that all these are but human fantasies of Hell, save me from the real hell, separation from You for all eternity, and horrible far beyond man's meager comprehension.

Save me from the wrath of Lucifer, Your fallen Light-Bearer: Satan, the Devil King
of Darkness.



Save me from the everlasting, never satisfied, broken-hearted yearning
to see Your Face.

Most of all, God of All Love,
Save me from being separated from You,
Who created me of nothing, and Who called
to me throughout my life on earth, constantly inviting me to join You
in Your Majesty, Father, Son and Holy Sprit.


Guide me now, God, before it is too late.
Keep me, your past inconstant servant
now always steady on the shining path
to Your Kingdom.

Guide me to Paradise and to the glories
"which no eye has seen and no ear heard,"
to the everlasting heavenly home,
created for Your loyal constant servants.

Please, dear God, judge me on my hopes
and my attempts, and not on my
imperfect spiritual accomplishments.



Please, dear Lord, accept my intentions
and my remorse, ignoring my willful failures, and my all too-human weakness,
but knowing still my ever undying love
and hope and trust in You.


Let my attempts be valued as achievements
and my good intentions be counted as good deeds.

Please accept my body, my whole being,
my every action and my humble love, my past, and my future, my hopes and my prayers.
I have nothing else to give except to return my immortal soul to You.

Please cleanse my spirit again
in the cool waters of saving baptism.


Clothe me in the shining robes of mercy.
Wash away all earthly lusts and greed
and shortcomings large and small.

Pardon all my evil acts, and all my failures
to do good when occasions arose.

Destroy my blind and evil pride.
Forgive my failure to see You in the faces of the poor. Forgive the times
I hurried by
when I should have stopped to care.
Forgive the times when I have talked
instead of listening.


Absolve me for caring too much about this world when I should have readied myself
for the next. Forgive me for busying myself
with vainglorious earthly concerns
when I should have been kneeling in prayer
to You.




I offer you now my contrite soul, Sweet God.
Forgive my sins and take me into Your Sacred Heart, my Creator, my Father, my only Hope and my one Eternal Goal.



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