God of All Nations,

I know that the dirigible Hindenberg
was a proud exemplar of Nazi scientific, aeronautic and mechanical achievement.

The great lighter-than-air vessel, made a triumphant trip to the United States in 1937. While attempting to land in Manchester,
New Jersey, the hydrogen-filled airship exploded into an enormous ball of fire.

Of the 36 passengers aboard, 13 died, as well as 22 of the 61-member crew, and one member of the ground crew, making a total of 36 lives lost in the horrible disaster.

I wonder, Lord, if in this tragedy, You were giving a warning to the Nazi regime,
which would in the following years,
under Adolph Hitler, degenerate into
a godless conflagration incinerating society, and causing immense suffering and desolation across much of Europe.

I pray now for all who died that night
in the Hindenburg, and all who suffered
subsequently under Hitler's heartless
and deeply evil regime.

I pray also for Hitler himself, and for all those he led into his horrendous schemes.

May The Third Reich be remembered forever
as a warning against dictatorship, militarism
and inhumanity.

All this I pray to You, dear God of Peace
and Love and Forgiveness.


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