Dear God,

I know that when You take something
from my grasp, You are not punishing me,
but merely opening my hand
to receive something better for me.

Help me to follow wisely where You gently lead.
I want to keep myself reminded of every gift You give me in every day of my life.

Please know, God, that I am appreciative.
I am grateful. I am holding on.

Let my life be a gift to You,
as You have made my life a gift to me.

Hold me always in Your Sacred Heart
and let me always hold You in my mind.

Keep me on the right path and on the high road.

Should I start to stumble, morally, mentally
or spiritually, please alert my Guardian Angel to keep me steady, and on course to You
and to Your heavenly kingdom.

I trust that You will never lead me
where Your grace will not protect me.

I trust that You will always warn me
when a temptation of the devil is in my path.

Please walk through the house of my life today
and take away my worries and weaknesses
and illnesses.

Please watch over me and heal me and my family
in Jesus’ name.


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