Dear God,

In peaceful night silence, You send snow falling over our world, spreading a soft,
thick blanket: pure, white, drifting, covering all. Making all one.
You remake the landscape in the snowy night,
with rolling white hills
and crystal icicles glistening
on our trees and homes.

Our activity slows, meetings are canceled.
We stop moving. We gather together.
We withdraw indoors with our families
and friends, warm at the hearth,
watching the grand magical winter spectacle
in cozy comfort together.

Your grace, falls, like holy snowflakes, drifting softly down on us all irrespective
of our worthiness, our desires, our beliefs, our willingness, our purity, our wickedness, our sins.

Your grace, God, falls, silently, surely, down, down equally upon us all: rich, poor, believers, agnostics, sinners, saints, atheists, all.

We might almost sense it, feel it: grace,
like weightless snowflakes on our tongues.
It is there for us to receive, Your grace,
and Your forgiveness, if only we will.

Silent reminders.
Gentle inspirations.
Crystalline gifts from heaven.
Jesus is here! You are here!
You are sending gracious blessed hope.

Slow, sure, pure, bright.
Silent blessings in the cold, cold night.

Your gifts are sent down on one and all.
Thank You, God! Thank you!
Thank You for your gentle blessings.
Thank You for drifts of pure white snow.
Thank You for showers of heavenly grace.

Please make us worthy this day, this night,
this one life!


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