My Dear Lord God,

I believe Your Word
as recorded in The Bible
under the inspiration
of the Holy Spirit,
and handed down to us
over many generations.

I believe that life has meaning.
I believe that beyond
the seeming contradictions,
confusions, darkness,
and cruelties of the world,
there is a Divine purpose
which we will fully understand
only after death.

I believe that although
people may at times
be tempted to the view
that life is an empty,
absurd and painful experience,
this is not so.

I trust that hurt and suffering
endured here on earth
are not for naught
and are not ignored by You.
I trust that they can be
enlightening and ennobling.

I am convinced that the setbacks,
inequities, calamities,
and seeming unfairness
in the world, serve a purpose,
and that overcoming them
and surviving them, and helping others to survive, ennobles us.

I believe that with Your help, nothing is beyond my endurance.

I believe that the unfortunate,
the insane, the disabled,
the diseased, the poor,
the distressed and the murdered,
will receive justice,
and that
the pain of this life will be seen as insignificant
and inconsequential
in light of the enormous joys
of eternal union with You,
God, the Creator of life.

I believe that You know
the thoughts, desires and intentions of all people
at all times and that You open up for us golden opportunities
each day and radiant paths
toward ultimate perfection,
if we will only look
with our hearts and our spirits as well as with our minds.

I believe in You
as a personal God Who sees
my every step and Who knows
my every thought.

I believe that You exist
in three Persons,
although this is a mystery
beyond my full comprehension
at this time. I believe this
is a sacred mystery deserving
of my contemplation.

I believe that Your teachings,
Jesus, properly understood
for each individual,
direct us to right behavior
as appropriate preparation
for eternal life with You.

I believe that You established
Your Church to carry on
Your teachings and to adapt them from their historical context
to the changing realities
and challenges of passing time.

All this I believe, my God,
and my Redeemer.


(c) 1972 - Donn B. Murphy
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