Dear God, Creator,

How thrilling and frightening,
sobering, awe-inspiring and humbling,
is the realization
that You have created me.

Imperishable, You have made me,
in the image of Your Own Nature,
as a child of God, Your Own child.

Help me, Father of Wisdom,
Spirit of Light, my Brother Jesus,
Triune God from all eternity, Help me
to understand to some tiniest degree
the magnificent implication
of these glorious and profound
but impenetrable mysteries:

You, God
were made Man,
I, man, was made immortal.

You suffered and died for me...

You gave me so much, and yet often
I ignored You, and did not behave
in a manner worthy of Your gifts,
but lived thoughtlessly, selfishly,
wandering in the dark passageways
of the world.

But Your patience, Your kindness,
Your guidance, Your forgiveness,
and Your Fatherly, Brotherly love never wavered, never faltered,
and never ever ceased.

You never gave up on Your lost lamb,
Your neglectful, erring, prodigal child.

You brought me back into the light.

I confess now all my misdeeds and sins
and I pray that I can make amends
for all my stupid, wretched, failures!

Guide me to do penance so that
my tarred, misguided, mangled soul
may be made bright as starshine again.

May I then solemnly promise that
with Your forgiveness and Your grace,
Your guidance and Your love,
I will follow now the narrow path
of righteousness and brilliance until
I come at last into Your Divine Presence.

I beg to spend eternity with You,
my Creator, my Father, my Brother,
my All-Loving God Almighty!



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