So long as we love we serve.
So long as we are loved by others,
we are indispensable;
And no one who has a friend is useless.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx--Robert Lewis Stevenson

Lord, please teach me to love.

Help me always to love,
rather than to seek love, but l
et me
never be without a loving friend.

Guide me to be thoughtful, helpful,
sensitive, supportive and loving
to my friends in good times and, in bad.
Let my friendship be dependable, trustworthy, true and golden.

Let me see Your Spirit in every flower
and sunrise, every star and every breeze.

Let me see Your Face in every friend I know.

Guide me to see you in every stranger
that I meet, whether they seem friendly
or unfriendly, attractive or unattractive, attentive or unattentive.

They are all Your creations, every one.
They are all Your daughters and your sons.

You know the advantages and joys
they have had, and the disadvantages,
the trials, the sad sorrows and set-backs.

Let me never, ever, presume to judge
another, whose heart and soul
and life-challenges I cannot see.

Please, God, keep me non-judgmental.
Keep me tolerant and supportive.

Help me to love every neighbor,
and every person You have created,
as I love myself.




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