God Almighty made Man,

You came to us in the blindness of our iniquity bringing the light of truth and grace into
the world. Let the scales fall from my eyes that I may see my way to You!

Guide me, Lord, past the dark and perilous whirlpools of Satanic temptation and bring me innocent through the murky shallows of sin.

Please set holy blazing beacons
on the hilltops, to bring the battered barque of my life to the heavenly shore.

Enlighten my mind and guide my conscience, God.

You gave me truth and the key to salvation. Give me the strength and perseverance to unlock the doors to paradise.

You are my Hero and my Hope, my life's Creator,
my Light, my Brother, and my Loving Lord.

Let me see you in the eyes of every person I meet, family, friend or stranger.

Let me hear Your voice, obey Your commands,
and follow in Your path faithfully, unerringly,
to come at last before the throne
of Your Divine Perfection in the kingdom
of the Holy Trinity for all eternity.




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