Dear Lord,

What am I to make of Judas Iscariot?

You chosen him to be among your twelve
most trusted companions.

But he betrayed You with a kiss,
gave You over to torture and certain death for 30 pieces of silver...

I know that over the years artists have pictured Judas as having red hair, which
is seen in every nationality, but always
as an exception in a minority of people.

The intent was, of course, to make Judas an "other," distancing him from most of us.

And so, we breathe a sigh of relief:
We are not traitors: We are better than him.

But meditating seriously on Judas does force us to think of our own loyalty, or lack thereof, to our friends, acquaintances
or even family. Might we desert them in their hour of greatest need?

Have we not all acted at some time
in the manner of Judas, not leading someone to death, not collecting 30 pieces of silver, but perhaps savaging a reputation behind
a "friend's" back, or standing in in the way of another's success or happiness?

We are none of us innocent.

I beg you Lord, help me always to stand up for my companions, deal with them honestly,
and be always Your Own loving loyal friend.

No more could I want than this, my Jesus.


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