Jesus Christ, God Almighty, I feel very close
to You during the Consecration of the Mass,
and just afterward, when the priest raises
the Host and bells are rung, and You have come down bodily again from heaven into our midst!

But is it not reverent to feel close to You
at many other times as well? As when watching
a magnificent sunset, or observing hundreds
of birds taking flight, or seeing two old nuns nuns wending their way happily
up a cobblestone Italian street, net shopping bags in hand?
.... Or tasting a Klondike bar?

At the end of a long or busy day it is a rare pleasure to enjoy the deep, rich taste
of thin flaking chocolate, and the sugar surge of cold ice cream, soft and luscious, melting rich on the tongue, the delectable cocoa coating sliding, off and the full icy ecstasy of the ice cream ravishing
the eager palate.

Yes, God, that treat, indulged in too often,
could be a glutinous sin. But within reason cannot it also be a sensual prayer,
an ecstatic sweet moment remembering You,
and communing with You, the Creator of All Joys, large, small, rich, simple,
cold and chocolate?

I do sometimes think of You, God, when eating
ice cream - concentrating on a peak moment
of tasting magic, relishing each rich
chocolate-and-cream-mingled bite, and wishing
that the experience would go on and on
and on.

Yes, I think this pleasure can be some infinitesimal, tiniest hint of a foretaste
of the infinite, unimaginable, overwhelming joys which the saints and angels know
in heaven with You, an enrapturing moment when all else is eliminated in a concentrated state of sensate bliss, a touch of eternity.

Let me praise You, O God, of all good things,
of shooting stars and baby laughter,
spring rains and tulips and mountains,
and, yes, of icy, sugary, creamy, chocolaty Klondike bars and strawberry ice cream sodas.

I adore You, my Royal Majesty, my God
of Gifts, my Sweet Lord, my Tender Love,
my Majesty, my Innocent Lamb of Peace,
my Saving Christ, my Only God and my One Hope
of Eternal Salvation!


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