Dear God of all Resources,

As You well know, the Kansas Koch brothers
are two vastly wealthy libertarians who believe in drastically lower personal
and corporate taxes, minimal social services for the poor, and unregulated industry.

They fight environmental regulations,
and exalt complete corporate freedom.

They are adamant climate science deniers,
who give enormous sums fighting laws related to climate change, and who support very conservative think tanks and political front groups.

They spent great sums to counteract Obama Administration policies, from health-care reform to his economic-stimulus program.

Please counteract the great influence which the Kochs, and other extremely wealthy people have, and use, to support legislation
which tends to favors "the haves," while punishing the down-trodden poor.

It is said that "Money talks." Please, Lord, decrease the volume of its voice, and help societies to reduce drastically the disparity between the rich and the poor.

All this I pray in love and hope, and trust,



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