GOD, the Father
GOD, the Son
GOD, the Holy Spirit

Bless me and please aid me to understand
the inexhaustible Beauty
and the divine Mystery
of the Holy Trinity ever more deeply
and ever more prayerfully.

FATHER, GOD, Source of all power,
mighty is the universe of Your creation.
Great are the stars, though they burn
with extinguishable fires
which are but infinitesimal sparks
of Your everlasting radiance and glory.

In the gentle summer breeze
xxxxxxxI feel the tenderness of Your Mercy.
In the astounding impact of thunder
xxxxxxxI hear the power of Your grace.
You touch me with gravity
xxxxxxxand the power of the tides.
I see You in the regularity of the sunrise
xxxxxxxand the inevitability of death.
I recognize Your divine plan.
xxxxxxxwhich orders all parts of nature.

I bow before You as my only purpose,
xxxxxxxas the only reason for my existence.
I place Your service before
xxxxxxxall other reasons for my being.
And I place my will at Your command.

Still, please grant me Fatherly forgiveness,
xxxxxxxfor no person can stand the test
xxxxxxxof Divine Justice.

Draw me endlessly deep into Your loving embrace and save me from myself.
Guard me, Lord, against damnation.

JESUS, I adore You, God my fellow Man,
xxxxxxxrecreated in flesh to endure
xxxxxxxmy plight.
I kneel before You:
xxxxxx helpless Baby of Bethlehem,
xxxxxx my Father, myxSalvation.
I adore You:
xxxxxxxbleeding remnant of Body on the xxxxxxxcross, my Savior.
I worship sacrificial Wine and Bread
xxxxxx at the altar, my Creator.
I love You as my Brother, Jesus.

Now my soul is wretched
xxxxxxxas Your human body once was.
I am torn almost to despair
xxxxxxxwith fear and affliction.

Remember again the treachery
xxxxxxxof the body to the soul,
For Your Divine Soul was captive once
xxxxxxxas mine is now.

My Jesus, I feel close to You
xxxxxxxin that moment on the cross
xxxxxxxwhen You cried out,
xxxxxxx"Eli, Eli, lamma sabactani!"
For sometimes I feel
xxxxxxxa sense of vacant loneliness,
xxxxxxxguilt and abandonment.
Understand me then
xxxxxxxand realize how much help I need
xxxxxxxto understanding You, Infinite God.

My Jesus, please remember your Calvary
xxxxxxxwhen You as Man
xxxxxxxexperienced the terrible terror
xxxxxxxand the fear and the crying, raging
xxxxxxximpotence of the Man who feels
xxxxxx that his God does not hear
xxxxxx His cry for help:
xxxxxxxMy God, My God,
xxxxxxxWhy have You forsaken Me?

Yet let me, like You, trust.

Bring me home to You,
xxxxxxxas your Father brought You home
xxxxxxxinto the bosom of the Holy Spirit
xxxxxxxfor all Eternity.

HOLY SPIRIT, perfection of intellect
xxxxxxxI adore You.
May my infinitesimal share in Divine Wisdom
xxxxxxxnot destroy itself
xxxxxxxin pondering my vast imperfection.

May my portion of Your Divine Will
xxxxxxxnot turn against me to my xxxxxxxdestruction.
Help me find new words, new ways,
xxxxxxxnew thoughts to share with You.
Help me to shut out the world.
Deepen my concentration
xxxxxxxand sear my heart
xxxxxx with the fires of true love.
Give me an increasing realization
xxxxxxxof Your Divine Presence.
In the silent night watch, let my prayer
xxxxxxxbe an opening of my heart to
xxxxxxxthe acceptance of Your will.

Please forgive my weakness
xxxxxxxin moments of temptation.
Forgive my omissions
xxxxxxxin times of thoughtlessness.
Forgive my neglect
xxxxxxxin days of carelessness.
Forgive my pride in seasons of success.
Forgive my despair in moments of failure.
Forgive the evil I have done to the one soul
xxxxxxxwhich You created only for me.
You have given me Yourself in my fellow beings and I have often neglected or turned against You and them.

Almighty Father, Saving Son,
Nourishing Holy Spirit,
hold me in your Divine Love
forever, and forever, and forever
xxxxxxxand forever and forever...



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