Dear God,

I hope you will not find me sacrilegious
if I compare my life and my relationship
with You to an amusement park ride.

You know that new steel coasters travel
at very high speeds and can make breathtaking loops and twists and turns.

I get on a coaster with pleasant anticipation, excitement and, yes,
a sense of engagement with danger and fear, but also with the confidence (however possibly misplaced) that the ride
will be totally safe in construction
and maintenance, and I will emerge unharmed.

Life can throw me some curves and fears too, but real ones, dangerous ones. I always know, however, that You are watching over me, protecting me, holding me tight
on the curves, so that I will not fall.

You give me high excitement and exquisite thrills in my life, God, surpassing anything any earthly amusement park could possibly provide.

But I know, too, that there is danger
if I forget You, if I break Your laws,
if I place my trust in You but neglect
to hold on myself, or if I seek evil thrills
or immoral amusements.

Please, Lord, keep me moving forward,
keep me excited by life, and keep me
on track so that at the end of the ups
and downs of this earthly life-ride
I may come to You face-to-Face, and enter with You into endless joys, excitements
and splendors beyond any possible human imagining.

I thank You for thinking of me,
for creating me, and for inviting me
on the splendid adventure of human life, with the hopeful anticipation
of life eternal in Your heavenly kingdom.

All this I pray to You in fervent hope,
deep trust, and joyous excitement!



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