Dear God of All Purity,

How far we have descended in the modern
"Let it all hang out" age
from the buttoned- up mores of our forebears.

How crude, crass and vulgar is much
of the advertising and social ambience
of the atmosphere in which our teens
are coming to maturity and forming their values.

What a profound difference from the ethos of the Victorian Period.

It seems logical, Lord, to attribute teen pregnancy, teen venereal disease,
and teen abortion to the merchandising of sexuality which surrounds us, and which must certainly particularly influence young people just forming their opinions on modesty, purity and sexuality.

Certainly not all was sexually innocent
in Victorian times, God, but I pray for some kind of middle ground, and that some moderation will eventually prevail to get young people on a safe, moral, drug-free, sexual-restraint path.


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