Lord God Almighty,

Please give me the means and money
to live independently and support myself
but never to live extravagantly or beyond
my means.

Make me always a responsible servant
of all the goods you have given to me,
and keep me ever free from covetousness
and from the temptation to seek
gold and riches for their own sake.

Help me always to share generously, God,
and never to make a god of money.

In our land today 1% of our people
own almost 20% of our wealth.
Please let us actively seek and find
a peaceful way to a more fair and equitable distribution of the goods and gifts
You have so generously bestowed on America.

Please, Lord of All, help us to banish avarice and stealing, break-ins and robberies,
and murders for money. Help us conquer corruption in financial markets,
price-gouging, and ruses in mortgages --
all of which especially harm the very poorest among us.

Please give us sane and fair governmental protection, so that every person has sufficient resources to sustain himself,
herself, and the children for whom
they are responsible.

Let us not, like ancient peoples,
be led astray to worship at the altar
of some golden calf, or to be selfish
with what has been given to us.

Rather, God of Justice, and God of the Poor,
guide us to use all our resources generously and wisely, and let us never make gold
into our god, or money into an end in itself.

All this I pray to You my Lord and Divine Master, with confidence and hope and love.




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