Dawn breaks!
I wake from sleep to stillness.

The sun rises slowly, surely, radiantly, majestically, to the the high crystal clerestory of heaven.

A new day.
clean slate
A fresh start.
A chance for me to do better
and be better than I was yesterday.

Father, guide me all this day
To live my life along Your way.

Jesus, love me, stay within
To arm my will against all sin.

Holy Spirit, watch above
And teach my heart to know Your love.

God lead me on the path of light
to rest at last in You tonight.

I offer this day to You, Christ Majesty,
King of Creation, Portal of New Beginnings,
Source and inspiration of all Good,
and Lord God of Peace and Life itself.

Help me appreciate this incomparable gift
of one more precious day of life,
and guide me to live it worthily,
wisely and well.

In silent reverie I gird myself
to sally forth again
into the busy crowded world.

There I will encounter others,
each one a child of God,
each created in Your Divine Image,
destined for eternal life,
and always deserving of my respect:

Let me not take away any person's dignity,
And help me remember to remember
all my friends, especially those in need
of any kind.

The sun now appears through the clouds
like a promise and a reminder
of Your ever-watchful love and protection.

As I make a fresh start this new day,
strengthen me to cast off
all that is negative: fear, anger, regret, disappointment, evil and insecurity.
Give me purpose and composure, my Lord God!

Please keep me focused, centered, on track.
Give me strength and sensitivity,
energy and enthusiasm, calm and caution,
respect and concern for every person
I encounter in any way or circumstance.

You are my Guide and only God.
Let me remember and reflect Your benevolence
throughout this day.
Keep me good and
Keep me caring and kind.

Guardian Angel,
hold me attentive to the things that matter,
the people in need of help I could give,
the good deeds waiting to be done,
and focus me, too, on the goal
of mystical union for all eternity
with our Heavenly Father
and Lord God almighty.

All this I pray with confidence
in the name of Jesus Christ.


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