My soul, dear Lord, seems at times adrift
on a sea of darkness.

The moon of my good intentions
begrudges meager light across the horizon.

Sometimes I toss aimlessly on uncharted waters, bobbing with uncertainty,
my will weak, my sails furled,
my course unclear.

Sloth, temptation and indecision
lap around me.

Bobbing on the sea of my past discourages me.

Help me, Oh Captain, my Divine Captain!
Put Your firm Hands over mine
upon the tiller of my life's ship.

Help me unfurl my sails to navigate confidently, ever on a forward course.

Keep me brave in storms,
and ever true to my moral compass.

Keep me safe from the whirl-pool temptations
of Satan's sea-monsters
and his sudden treacherous storms.

Let me ever follow my true North Star
till I arrive finally and triumphantly
at my blessed destination,
my only true port, my bright heavenly home
with You, my God, Who walked on the waters.

You saved Your apostles
in a frightening squall.
Now, Lord, please strengthen me,
and all of us afloat in the hurricane temptations of the modern world.

Let me conquer sea-serpent temptations and with my hand firmly on the tiller,
and make my way steadily and surely
across the roiling waves and night-black waters of temptation.

Guide me past rocky shoals to land and hope.

Oh, Jesus, please have bright guiding torches and lanterns strung out shining across
the shores of paradise so that I can
find my way through the dark to shore.

Then, let me rest in peace at last with You in the harbor of Your heart for all eternity.

All this I pray to You, my good God of Love, in confidence and hope,


(c) 2012 - Donn B. Murphy
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