Lord God of Night,

As this day ends and I fall asleep,
please I beg You, send my Guardian Angel
and other good hovering spirits nearby
with sweet dreams and happy memories,
peaceful landscapes and sunny skies,
to fill my mind at rest.

Let no strange and angry nightmares,
no fears and horrors of loss, harm, phantoms,
and contention gallop through
my peaceful rest.

Protect my mind from dreadful dreams
and Satan's sleep-time evil schemes.

Hold me in Your saving grace as I free myself from the worries and cares of this day,
and fortify my spirit for the challenges
and happiness of tomorrow.

Give me, please, God, dreams of graceful paths, peaceful journeys, sunny landscapes,
good friends and blessed communion with You, graced with Your heavenly host of saints
and silver-winged angels.

All this I pray in trust to You
in confidence and love this night.




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