God of the Infinite Skies,

Along the frenetic, challenging paths
of life, the crossroads and turning points, and seismic choices, hold me fixed
to my North-Star goal.

When I peer into the night sky, let me offer every tiny winking star back to You
as a prayer from me on this this wobbly, weary, sin-torn earth.

Forgive me for the steamy misdeeds
and ignoble deviations of my ill-spent past. I am sorry for them. I repent them.

Lord, hurl my sins into the blackest hole
of the universe, never to be known
or thought of again.

When my end day comes, Lord, please set me
astride a shining star-steed, mounting
through the galaxies toward paradise.

Loft me to the only destiny that matters. Let me hold fast to the silver mane
as my soul streaks out past the furthest star and then far, far, beyond,
out of the sky itself and toward
my infinite destination.

Oh, God, let me please catch the golden ring of grace and final forgiveness so that I may
enter at last into Your eternal Kingdom!

All this I devoutly pray in the name
of the Holy Spirit, and of Jesus, my Savior
and my Beloved Friend
who trod this very earth
on which I will sleep this night.



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