Lord God of the Ages,

The eightieth decade of life, and sometimes
an earlier decade, brings on forgetfulness and myriads of frustrating and previously
not experienced little confusions, beginning with, "Where are the keys? I know I had them when I came in. They were right here...."

Memory, judgment, remembrance of detail,
all weaken under the semi-surreptitious
but certain, unkind, grinding, steady onslaught of senility.

The slippage is slow but it is inevitable, inescapable.

Octogenarians hopefully have firmed up
their faith in You, Our Mighty Fortress,
just as our own fortresses of body and mind seem increasingly under siege.

I pray You, God of Memory, God of Judgment,
God of Sanity and God of Mind, slow down
my march of memory loss so that I can live out a sane and prayerful life,
and particularly, not become a worry,
an irritant, a sadness and a burden
to others.

Anger the Evil One by keeping me rational, sensible and prayerful to the glorious end!

Then I pray that You will take me swiftly
and mercifully into Your Kingdom for all eternity, where memory loss and every human pain and sadness, confusion and weakness
are left far, far behind.

With great and enduring love,




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