Video of Market Street, San Francisco, 1905


Dear Lord of All Change,

A remarkable piece of motion picture film shows the unruly traffic of a San Francisco street long ago.

Cars, trucks, horses and pedestrians intermingle dangerously without traffic signals or signs,
and apparently few "rules of the road."

Please bless all those bustling, jostling people of so many years ago, recorded on film,
some looking into the camera, most busy
with their travels, but now long forgotten
in the long march of time.

Have mercy on the men wearing suits and spats
and vests and hats, and the women in ruffles
and bustles and corseted in street-length black dresses and big feathered hats, in the heat
of a busy dusty summer day.


Forgive those in our age who, going to opposite extremes, sometimes appear in public
in slovenly or patently sexual, indecent attire.

When I see innovations and modern marvels,
and when I read about the past, let me see
the constant of human beings, all made by Your Hand, in Your Image and Likeness, throughout many, many ages, most, hopefully, doing their best to live lives of decency and generosity.

Britany Spears, Tess Smith, Miley Cyrus

Let me deplore, as well, the gross decline
and vulgarity in public morality, particularly the indecent lives and lifestyles of prominent entertainers and "personalities" who set standards and become models for the young.

Save our children from the vulgarities
and gross misbehavior of our "role models."

As I observe this cavalcade of human souls, Lord, let me regret and apologize for all our moral lapses, and marvel at Your Workmanship,
and the Divine Grace which You bestow
in the creation of all of us who are blessed
to share in life, in love, and most importantly, in Your Benign Care and the Promise of Eternity.

Thank You, Lord, for all humanity, and for all creation, and for life eternal. Forgive me
for my own sins, let me not judge others,
and make me worthy, please, of Your love,
and bring me one day into Your heavenly court and Your eternal kingdom.




100-Year-Old Motorist


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